Episode #110: Riffing

Take a trip back into the nascent days of (Is it) Good for the Jews? when all subjects were on the table and long-form conversation ruled the day as the boys plop down on the comfortable Twilight Lounge sectional and touch on a myriad of topics without actually getting to the real issues of the day. Long walks, aging bodies, poorly behaved cats (and dogs), interacting with crazy/unpredictable people and excising the word “amazing” from your vocabulary are discussed, as is “Jerry Day” and Dennis Rodman’s broken penis.

Is riffing on a variety of subjects good for the Jews?

Rosen and Goldbrener do touch on topics with Jewish relevancy this week, including the looming fact of Israeli dominance in the generic drug field and its potential effect BDS supporters, whether or not $43 million in World Vision funds were diverted to Hamas and why Palestinians won’t move to their shining new city in the West Bank before returning to otherwise timely things like Libertarianism (naturally), “Prius politics” and what it means to “contribute to society.”


Guess where you won’t find us on August 14.

About Larry Rosen

Was born Jewish, raised Jewish and educated Catholic. He is a “Jewsuit”. He is also a husband, father, newspaper and magazine writer, habitual wearer of baseball caps and author of the soon-to-be-released memoir about his son’s bar mitzvah, “The Rabbi Has Left the Building.”