Episode #103: “Mein Kampf, French bread truck.”

This week’s show is devoted to asking probing questions: What is the proper vehicle to drive to Marin County? How long could you stand having a 1950s French bread truck parked in front of your house? Is there a foolproof way to ward off clipboard-clutching do-gooders in front of Safeway? What does Bernie Sanders think of Philadelphia’s proposed soda tax? But mostly,

Is an annotated  “Mein Kampf” good for the Jews?

When the Munich Institute for Contemporary History decided to release a 2,000-page version of “Mein Kampf” (that’s 1,200 pages of commentary), they opened up a can of worms that had been sealed for 70 years. Or did they? The book has been available in many Jew-averse countries all along. 30 minutes of discussion leads the boys to the following conclusion: it all depends on context.


S’il vous plait deplacer cette voiture.

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