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Episode #82: “More Chinese food, and ultra-Orthodox Jews.”

Lacking a year-end focus and unable to extract themselves from their Chinese food obsession, the boys dive back into a discussion about the joys and perils of Far Eastern cuisine, touch on the hit Netflix doc “Making of a Murderer” and compare TV writers to Luke Walton. Things turn serious when they ask:

Are ultra-orthodox Jews good for the Jews?

considering their roles as members of a nation, be it Israel or the U.S. Will Goldbrener and Rosen find common ground on the subject of these devout, black-hatted, long-bearded separatists? Listen in.


Good for the Jews?

Episode #63: “You can’t outsmart them. Don’t try to outsmart them.”

Displaced from the Twilight Lounge, the boys settle into Rosen’s basement studio/family room, where they are protected by a short, dense, weird dog and dig into conspiracy theories relating to traffic and local government, followed by a study of “gentleman farmers” and the proper volume to play hip-hop music while boating, before settling into the day’s topic, which asks:

Is “Wet, Hot American Summer” really what it’s like at Jewish camp?

Before wandering afield to discuss sandals, east coast vs. west coast Jews, innovative brassiere engineering, barefoot Bedouins and the sexual habits of kibbutzniks.

One other thing: sorry, Sam; mandals are not good for the Jews.

Episode #43: “Who goes to college without making their bed?”

Having already completed The Three Things He Does Every Day, Rosen enters the Lounge again hoping to talk about zombies. Goldbrener, however, favors a more serious track, choosing instead to lay out his unique solution for homelessness in San Francisco, note that the family unit no longer exists as it once existed in the U.S. and draw a parallel between illegal aliens and his grandfather. No matter;

Once a homeless woman says you have nice legs, everything afterwards is gravy.

DOORBELL 320x320

At the Twilight Lounge, what looks like a doorbell may not actually function as a doorbell.