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Episode #227: Jewish marketing, Sam Rosenbaum

There’s a party upstairs, but we’re not invited. Instead, join a bruised and weary Rosen and a jaunty Goldbrener for tales of elderly (yet still annoying) dogs and their incompetent owners and European soccer teams who lean into their opponents’ anti-Semitism.

The good news is that the boys continue on in a light vein, featuring the unfettered joy that is Sam Rosenbaum and the ease of observant white-collar Jews in a minimum-security federal prison, until a certain snack food prompts the following question:

Is cliched Jewish humor tropes as marketing good for the Jews?

When you call a cartoon drawing of a cliche-spewing “bubbe” your muse and pepper your web site with equally tired Jewish humor tropes, are you actually trying to sell your product to Jews?  Or are certain Gentiles, those “semi-semites” who make us feel great in the face of an increasingly hostile world, the key to this enterprise?

But please, don’t call it “crackers.”

Would you buy this product?

Episode #226: Goldblum, Bernie

There’s plenty of ranting going on in the Twilight Lounge this week, thanks to the kid playing video games in the library. Thus triggered, Rosen descends into a somewhat thoughtful monologue that ends with the boys imagining their own (non-existent) Wikipedia pages and waxing nostalgic about their childhood audio experiences.

Also mentioned this celebrity-laden week: Israeli boxers, Roman Polanski, Quentin Tarantino, Tel Aviv, Mike Tyson, Terri Nunn and Marv Gomez, the Leatherman, Bruno Mars and the farcical adventures of Bernie Sanders.

On to this week’s question:

Is Jeff Goldblum good for the Jews?

I’ll tell you this much: he’s better for the Jews than Bernie is.

Thumbing a ride on the Metro, perhaps?

Episode #225: Rags to riches

Don’t let Rosen’s migraine-induced miasma prevent you from enjoying this raucous episode of your favorite Jewish podcast. Instead, step into the Twilight Lounge to hear about Hamas’ never-ending threats, little kids dressed as Hitler, Goldbrener’s uniquely punk rock take on the shock value of the swastika and Rosen’s unsettling question about the anti-semites’ end game.

On to this week’s question:

Is Barney Pressman good for the Jews?

The founder of Barney’s is a cliche and an undeniable truth all in one. Are the lessons we learned from the rise and fall of his eponymous clothing business and the corresponding discussion about the “rags to riches”  story evidence of a valid American dream? And are Jews invited?

Saloons, yes; synagogues, no.