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Episode #220: Burn, baby, burn

This week, Rosen sets up the scene in the Twilight Lounge before moving onto tales of woe from South San Francisco’s best (and slowest-moving) legendary sandwich place, where dogs are allowed as long as they’re not at counter level. Several minutes later, having debated the merits of lactose-free sour cream and noted the miracle of palindrome week, the boys move onto questions of Jewish masculinity and Enes Kanter’s basketball camps, saved torahs and Sasha Baron Cohen.

Around the world, Jews are still getting beat up and Goldbrener has some thoughts, but Rosen wants to know this:

Are fights at Burning Man good for the Jews?

Lets face it; Rosen is triggered by Burning Man.  Just bringing up the term sends him spinning off on an extended rant about strict dogma masqueraded as open-mindedness, all but bullying a resistant Goldbrener into joining him on the side of all that is good and fair and then admitting his biggest fear: that living in a big city is costing him his humanity.

Tortilla chips will be discussed.

Episode #219: Preventing hate, protecting your home

One thing you will not learn this week is what sort of home security system protects Goldbrener from his many foes, both real and imagined. Rosen, however, is eager to publicly share his misadventures with homes security because who cares if your house is safe when the coming ice age is unavoidable? Meanwhile, Novato is papered with anti-Jew posters and the usual Jew-hating nut jobs have been busy at work this week. New York thinks it has the answer to this, which begs the question:

Is a hate crimes prevention office good for the Jews?

Rosen’s feeling like the whole thing might be a waste of time, whereas Goldberener, somewhere in the middle of a blizzard of words, feels it’s worth pursuing, but first he has to touch on Israel, college campuses, South Africa, why Jews should arm themselves and if it’s possible, if someone has hatred in their heart, to overcome that via an office of hate crimes prevention.

I feel safer already.

Episode #218: Welcome back, Jews!

This week, Rosen has (finally!) returned to the Twilight Lounge after spending the entire summer away and is eager to share stories of his travels, including struggles with crowds of tourists, censorship, an almost-meeting with Jeremy Corbyn and who Labour thinks are the “real” anti-semites, before moving onto a meditation on the nature of being Jewish in Europe versus in the U.S.

While he was gone, the Jewish world continued on, often with predictable results.  Goldbrener continued to get flamed for telling people what’s what, Israel continued to respond to provocation as it does. The California Democratic Party met in San Francisco and passed a few resolutions, Bernie Sanders remains “rude and cranky,”  Rosen continues to be obsessed with Jews in sports, and:

Is a Jewish school encouraging non-Jewish attendance good for the Jews?

This seemingly innocuous question leads to a serious discussion about the role of religious-based education in the Jewish world versus the role of Jewish education among all other independent educational choices, and features a few surprises, including Goldbrener’s own very brief Jewish Day School experience and Rosen’s insisting on pronouncing “Florida” like his grandmother did.

Where’s Jeremy?