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Episode #199: Jewish superheroes, screw you, Alice

Why did Rosen skip the Grotto holiday party? How did his dad cut his chin? Where are the finest woolens made?

Yes, it’s time to head back into the Twilight Lounge, where the boys await with hot takes to rival anything found on sports or news radio. This week: a warning about “Families Together,” a celebration of Edelman’s shoes, something that was missing from Jewish Heritage Night at Oracle Arena, Jews’ alleged role in Tupac’s demise and why your hosts will not be re-reading The Color Purple anytime soon.

Somehow extricating themselves from this morass (after a brief but intense moment when Rosen wishes his co-host knew who Lenny Dykstra was), we settle into this week’s question:

Is a Jewish Spiderman good for the Jews?”

There’s always been a Jewish undertone to superheroes (many created by Jews), but when Spiderman’s wedding photo shows him stepping on a glass and The Thing reveals the details of his bar mitzvah we enter a new world.  What’s the significance of The Thing, Spidey, DC comics’ Ragman (“A little too on the nose,” – Rosen), Magneto, Batwoman and (arguably) Wonder Woman being out and proud Jews?  Come for the superheroes; stay for the Jeff Goldblum teaser.

“This torah is nails.”


Episode #198: Pray for rain, hide your iPhone

Space heaters make their debut this week in the Twilight Lounge,  warming up the room enough to propel Goldbrener and Rosen into a surprisingly deep conversation about Judaism, the Torah and faith. Before that, though, they touch on all manner of shallowness ranging from smart phone addiction to the cognitive decline of the family dog, from mis-guided Catholic Hanukkah greetings to moronic Berkeley trolls to bringing home the bagels.  When they finally ask the question:

Is an Orthodox rabbi fasting for rain good for the Jews?”

It begins as a lark; Oakland rabbi Mark Bloom, referring to instructions delivered in Mishnah  Ta’anit 1:4, fasted for three days in order to produce rain. And it worked! Or did it? And what does it all mean? Listen up and get more than your bargained for…

Make PETA happy. Bring these home.