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Episode #193: Far-right Jews, CBGB, unwanted hair

This week, Rosen gives Goldbrener a lesson in personal grooming that includes mentions of Joseph Heller, healthy knee fluid, Jane’s Addiction, Goldbrener facing discrimination at the mall and well-lit magnifying mirrors. Listeners that can stomach this entertaining yet slightly unsettling discussion  will be rewarded with the dark truths about the present state of CBGBs, which,  naturally, inspires a question:

“Is turning iconic punk rock nightclubs into high-end retail outlets good for the Jews?”

Of course not. And there is much more to discuss this week, like the present-day antics of a former Goldbrener adversary and a bizarre trend in Germany: Jews aligning themselves the country’s far-right political party. 

Fact: Perry Farrell has one of these in his house.


Episode #192: Swiss Tales, Mitzvah Tanks, Ivy League Jews

Rosen is back from Switzerland with tales of aggressive prostitutes, humiliating Starbucks orders, public smokers and odd linens. Meanwhile, in the world of Jews, Brooklyn’s Hasidim are easy targets for Jew-haters looking to blow off some steam. Josh Rosen has (finally) embraced his heritage, and the Mitzvah Tank is on prowling city streets. But unrest is in the air for the Jews. Enrollment is down at Ivy League schools.

“Is this something Jews should worry about?”

Is the latest generation of Jews lazy? Are they enjoying a level of assimilation that allows for Film and Arts majors? Are we losing our edge? This seemingly simple issue has some deep tendrils…

Mitzvah Tank: Unsuitable for wartime.