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Episode #183: Odds, ends and aggressive homeless guys

This week, the boys spend almost the entire hour discussing various local, national and global topics, never really getting around to asking if something (is) Good for the Jews. No matter,¬† for this week listeners will learn how to discern between a dangerously crazy person and a “normal” San Franciscan (hint: one of them is naked; they will learn about Goldbrener’s consistent values system, a new Jewish rapper and the Jewish catcher who spied for the U.S. during World War II. They will glean which country Jews should back in the World Cup, despite Rosen’s distaste over the entire exercise and which country’s young Jews are pushing back against University anti-semitism (hint: it’s not the U.S.).

What? You still want a question? Fine. Here:

Is inviting singles to Israel all at once good for the Jews?

There you go. Enjoy.

This is a Jewish rapper.


Episode #182: Jewish panic loop, screwy Louie

You want bellyaching? This week, Rosen is literally bellyaching, thanks to a mysterious stomach ailment. Fortunately, he’s well enough to share his renewed love for the Steve Miller Band and to keep you up-to-date on the latest Screwy Louie shenanigans, which inspire a long discussion about intersectionality and the dangers of aligning oneself with a Jew-hating demagogue. Meanwhile, Jews continue to chase their own tails, leading Rosen to question:

Is Jewish fretting over the future of Judaism good for the Jews?

“How long have you been Jewish?” asks a perplexed Goldbrener in response, before laying out all the reasons Jews can’t stop wondering about the future of Jews, how to be Jewish, and why Michael Chabon looks like a rabbi but doesn’t seem crazy about being a Jew.

No joke(r).


Episode #181: Brain drain, Goldbrener reflects

Welcome back to a fully-occupied Twilight Lounge, where this week we find a reflective Goldbrener, in the wake of his youngest daughter’s high school graduation,¬†considering the meaning of parenthood and, eventually, the statement made by Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Rosen wants to discuss Jewish issues, though, so the boys move onto news both good (Brandeis Hillel kid becomes student president of UC Davis) and bad (Julian Edelman gets pinged for PEDs), then tackle a listener-suggested topic:

Is Israeli “brain drain” good for the Jews?

A current Newsweek article outlined a growing trend: educated Jews leaving Israel for opportunities in the U.S. and Europe. Why are they leaving? What are they leaving behind? Is this reason for concern?

Nice try, Pat.