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Episode #166: “Abbas’ true colors, Jerusalem Syndrome

Step into an odor-free Twilight Lounge, where the boys are busy ranting about hidden public transit fare hikes, San Francisco’s Vehicle Eradication Project (TM) and the nefarious role of technology in removing meaning and purpose from the human condition. Having gotten their sea legs, Rosen and Goldbrener then offer up a TV recommendation, an Omri Casspi update and a study the messianic delusions of a 29-year-old English cyclist.

Meanwhile, in Cairo, world leaders are asking:

Is Mahmoud Abbas’ rant good for the Jews?

Rosen wonders why Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has shed any pretenses of himself as a “peace partner.” Goldbrener answers “the emperor has no clothes” and takes it from there.

Battery level: low.

Episode #165: Smart house, dumb shower, Ramallah

Settle in with Rosen, Goldbrener, and Rosen’s dad’s magazines for another episode of (Is it) Good for the Jews. This week, we touch on several pressing issues including poorly-behaved NFL heiresses, Hasidim trapped in Torah vaults, the best airlines for Jews (hint: not Delta), popular names for Jewish babies, Jerry Seinfeld’s Judaism, whether Rosen is “delicate” or “difficult,” Jewish pets and much more. Is there time for a question? Certainly!

Is an Egyptian official saying Ramallah should be the capitol of a Palestinian state good for the Jews?

Honestly, we only touch on this, but what little time we spend on it is very enlightening and of far greater importance than our thoughts on the Golden Globes.


Episode #164: Iran protests, Weev, Casspi’s T

The Twilight Lounge is fully operational for 2018, bringing you more Omri Casspi news, confusion about San Francisco’s mayoral status, a quick study of every celebrity Jew to pass during 2017, piles of garbage on city streets and Billy Crystal speculation.

Speaking of piles of garbage, this week the boys also touch on Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer before diving into the week’s serious topic:

Is Iranian unrest good for the Jews?

Rosen has questions about the large-scale protests that have been raging in Iran for a week: what are they about? What’s at stake? How are they different from the “Arab Spring?” Why aren’t they on CNN? Goldbrener does his best to untangle this latest unrest, and in the end, the boys have bad news to deliver to the mullahs.

Behold the George Burns of 2030.