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Episode #151: Find-a-sukkah

This week, the boys are bracing themselves for an “excessive heat warning” and imploring you to take your snarky opinions about Houston somewhere else. Thus having established the Official Policy of (Is it) Good for the Jews, Rosen yells “shut up!” at Twitter and tells tales of sprained ankles while Goldbrener challenges traffic laws in West Portal.

There is no question this week. There is, however, news about Julian Edelman and Conan O’Brien, a guide to finding the nearest Sukkah, a shout out to Jerry Lewis and a layered, nuanced discussion about the breakdown of  cooperation and consensus in the U.S.

Oh, and Jack Antonoff wore a Star of David to the MTV VMAs and middle-aged people run the world.


Obnoxious? Maybe, but a genius.

Episode #150: White supremacists in town, eclipses.

Road warrior Rosen is back in the TwIlight Lounge with an uplifting eclipse story and tales of meeting a former IDF soldier in Oregon. Meanwhile, Billy Joel is living the Jewish dream and a report of threatening emails sent to Brandeis University leads to speculation that Goldbrener is a guy who’d know how to get onto the Dark Web. But we don’t want to seem glib. This week, it seems, nothing is good for the Jews.

Instead, we ask:

What is the proper response when Nazis march into your town?

Are latter-day Nazis the ultimate trolls? Why else would they come to San Francisco in 2017? And when they march into town, should we confront them? Sabotage their buses, leaving them stranded in Reno? Gather peacefully at City Hall? Hold a dance? Raise $100,000 and turn the whole thing into a satirical “walk-a-thon?” Usually, we bring you answers. This week, only questions.


Eclipse: as advertised, per Rosen.

Episode #149: A Jewish lens, bad t-shirts, socialists.

Plenty to discuss in the Twilight Lounge tonight. Rosen has returned from a golf outing with The King of Real Estate and found thousands of dollars in previously worthless stock. Goldbrener has dominated Xfinity and has a thing or two to say about the dotcom crash of the early 2000s. Despite Rosen’s admission of his Jewish worldview bias, though, the boys can’t find common ground when discussing the Democratic Socialists of America’s recent torpedo-filled anti-Israel resolution. Fortunately, they finally find common ground on this non-brainer:

Swastika t-shirts are NOT good for the Jews.

Speaking of no brains, why on earth would KA Designs think now is the time to “rehabilitate” the swastika? Why would they chalk up the entirely predictable blowback to a victory for “hate and Nazism?” What’s wrong with these people?


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