Monthly Archives: July 2017

Episode #144: Welcome, U.K. followers!

Rosen and Goldbrener convene a day late to welcome a flood of new followers in the U.K., then dive into a typically spirited show featuring mea culpas, mostly factual instructions on how to properly dispose of an American flag, torah hijinks, Omri Casspi, Goldbrener’s Uber driver, England’s problems with anti-semitism and Jared Kushner’s uneventful trip to Israel before alighting on this week’s question:

Are liberal values Jewish values?

This is a jumping off point from which the boys go deep into Goldbrener’s take on homelessness, welfare, drug addiction, mental illness and other societal ills and the role of government and individuals/religious organizations in a before coming back to wonder if calling Jewish values “liberal” is manipulative or talmudically (sp?) correct.


Welcome to the best team in sports, Omri Casspi.