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Episode #147: Zuck v. Musk, empty resolutions, Sidewalk Heart Guy

Goldbrener isn’t buying his partner’s antipathy toward the Sidewalk Chalk Heart Guy, no matter how persuasive the argument that the whimsical drawings are, in fact, vandalism, but he’s completely on board when it comes to choosing people over coyotes. As for the Cal State University System, stepping in at SF State is the least they can do. Along those lines:

Is a Board of Supervisors resolution condemning anti-semitism good for the Jews?

Most of the second half of this podcast is taken up by the Elon Musk v. Mark Zuckerberg debate over artificial intelligence, which, Rosen learns too late, has only half as much to do with Jews as he thought (Musk, it turns out, is not Jewish). Goldbrener ranges far afield, eventually doing a deep dive into  the welfare system and drones, but he does not manage to incorporate Israel into the discussion, thus losing his bet with Rosen. As for this week’s question, resolutions are nice, but ultimately, what do they mean?

R.I.P. Kimel’s dog.


Not 40; not Jewish.

Episode #146: Radiohead redux; Hollywood Jews

This week in the Twilight Lounge: is there such a thing as homeless Jews, or are they just play-acting? What does Eric’s bow tie-wearing friend really know about the Iranian revolution? Does everyone in Montana carry a firearm? Is alt-right gadfly Andrew Anglin a coward? And…

Is Radiohead good for the Jews?

Of course they are. And of course Rosen would prefer if they answered their critics by saying, “Look; Israel is a good place.” Goldrener explains why they cannot and also why, he thinks, pompous, would-be-statesman-actual-60s-burnout Roger Waters thinks it’s perfectly fine to compare Israel to Nazis and to lazily call the country the “worst regime in the world” while eye-rollingly ignoring, well, the rest of the world.

In conclusion: Guns and Roses is cooler than Pink Floyd.


Are all Montanans armed?

Episode #145: Going after Jay-Z; cable upgrade

It is a triumphant Rosen and a fired-up Goldbrener that meet up in the Twilight Lounge this week to discuss the value of doing chores, especially the kind that save your $80 per month on cable while adding two new movie channels, and to hint at a recent Facebook feud between Goldbrener and a pro-tax activist friend.

Moving onto the Chicago dykes, your hosts continue to hammer this group for their unrelenting “anti-Zionism” (which couldn’t POSSIBLY be anti-semitic) and the questions it brings forth. After a quick (and wholly unsurprising) dip into the future of the Jewish State, we settle on the question of the week:

Is calling out Jay-Z for anti-semitism good for the Jews?

There are two things at work here: first, do we think Jay-Z is an anti-semite? Past actions would point to “no.” Second, and here the boys are less in agreement, by including Jewish stereotypes in a new track, is Jay-Z giving fuel to an anti-semitic fire that never goes out? And finally, can a line about “Jewish people owning everything” force Rosen to boycott a song he admits “is freaking awesome?”


Rosen enjoys his new cable setup.