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Episode #143: Political rabbis, buskers

This week there are buskers on BART, terribly misguided lesbians in Chicago, an Israeli NASCAR driver and a non-Jewish Israeli drafted into the NBA. How will Rosen and Goldbrener process all of this? Will it require a short discussion of  Hugh Everett’s many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics? Maybe. Will Goldbrener get riled? Yes. Will Rosen grapple with his Jewish identity? Of course. And then:

Are political rabbis good for the Jews?

How do you like to spend your time in shul? If your rabbi uses the pulpit to shill for one side of the healthcare debate, is that okay? Or would you rather that services be a quiet retreat from the chaos of the “outside world.” Listen in as the boys break it down — and for once come to the same conclusion.


Alon Day: good for the Jews.

Episode #142: “Kushner redux, art vs. commerce.”

Join us in the Twilight Lounge for an evening of high and low culture, unseen hand-waving, in-depth discussions of the value of art versus commerce, the meaning of the word “career” and Rosen’s ill-advised flirtation with the music of the Grateful Dead. Is he being driven crazy by the heat or has Goldbrener’s circuitous debate style finally pushed him so far that hippie iconography somehow seems a reasonable, safe harbor of retreat?

Fortunately, no. Meanwhile, motorcyclists are tearing through die-ins and we ask:

Can Jared Kushner bring peace to the Middle East?

In a word, no; but not for reasons you’d think. Settle in as Goldbrener lays out his strategy for long-term sustainability in the Middle East. Hint: it has nothing to do with anything Jared Kushner can do during his solo visit to Israel.


In this instance, Eric is wrong.

Episode #141: “Wonder Woman, Swiss Cops, Corbyn.”

After a month-long hiatus, the Twilight Lounge is once again open for business. Episode #141 finds the boys ruminating on Rosen’s run-ins with angry Swiss policemen and The Most Interesting Overweight Man in France, then pivoting onto more serious topics like Jeremy Corbyn and the world’s exhaustion with the Jewish experience. Finally, after touching on the “new” read of the Six Day War, they move into the main event, asking:

 Is Wonder Woman good for the Jews?

There is no way the likes of Linda Sarsour and the BDS crowd can dim the shining allure of Gal Gadot, IDF veteran, Miss Israel 2007 and a true sensation as DC Comics’ newest star. No matter how many boycotts and thought pieces asking whether she’s a “true feminist,” the only thing that makes the boys question their Gadot enthusiasm is  the looming specter of the “real” Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter.


No caption needed.