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Episode #135: “Israel travel ban; Berkeley Jews; Radiohead.”

Rosen has returned from Utah, where he was the “other” kind of Zionist. Goldbrener eschews all manner of exercise. Frank Zappa is discussed, as is the eerie connection between avant garde music and the Antelope Valley. Rosen complains about 24-Hour Fitness (for a change) and animal rights activists’ Purim protests, then celebrates Team Israel and Radiohead, before a slick Goldbrener segue leads to this week’s question:

Is Israel’s ban on BDS boycotters good for the Jews?

On March 7, the Knesset passed a law banning entry into the country by foreign BDS boycott threateners. It was immediately panned by foe and – -sometimes — friend alike. Is all the negative PR worth keeping the country free of visitors hoping to “stir things up?” How big of a danger are BDS protesters to the Jewish State? Was there any other way to address the issue? Do Americans have any idea of what actually goes on in Israel? Will this move give the waning BDS movement a shot in the arm? Can Goldbrener and Rosen agree on any of this? You probably know the answer to the last one…

What did we do?

Episode #134: “Purim, Israeli baseball, socialists.”

We begin tonight with a series of rants followed by a lesson in urban civics before delving into the deeper meanings of Purim and the Purim events — some including beatboxing! — scheduled for this year, followed by ever-increasing bomb threats: what do they actually mean? and some unabashedly positive flag-waving for the Israeli baseball team’s WBC success.

Finally, lets ask this:

Are Jewish socialists good for the Jews?

Socialism and Judaism, some say, go together like peanut butter and jelly; but is a room full of white-haired Red Diaper Babies in a non-Socialist country a plus or a minus for a culture that comes by its outsider status honestly? What does the Libertarian Goldbrener think of this? Listen in to find out.


“Where does it end? With people throwing feces at it?

Episode #133: “Holocaust tourism; 100 bomb threats.”

Goldbrener’s in his “relaxing threads” (not to be confused with his “Mexican Lounging Suit” and Rosen’s wearing new shoes, putting the boys in a relaxed mood; all the better to tackle the big issues of the day: DJT’s first address to a (barely listening) congress, Warren Beatty and the Oscars snafu, IKEA catalog problems and — more pointedly — how 100 bomb threats should impact American Jews. Eventually, they turn to this week’s question:

Is “Holocaust tourism” good for the Jews?

Is it unreasonable to expect that visitors understand that Auschwitz is not “just another tourist spot?” Can tourists with no skin in the game be expected to understand exactly what’s going on here? Is it possible to get something lasting out of a concentration camp visit and take a selfie while you’re there?


New shoes. Not Doc Martens.