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Episode #125: “UN Resolutions, decent people.”

Goldbrener brings a surprising (to some) take on United Nations resolution 2334 whose depth is such that Rosen completely forgets to frame the discussion in a “(Is it) good for the Jews?” manner. 40 minutes later, Rosen is ready to vote for his podcast partner as P.M. of Israel, a state he always filters through what he feels is a constant state of threat.

Meanwhile, Rosen continues to grapple with his mother’s passing. This time it manifests itself in an all-out social media war (known only to him) with a Facebook acquaintance whose “brand is all-caps rage.” Bringing some rage of his own, your mourning podcast host (and apparent member of the “grief police”) asks some pertinent questions: how can someone draw an equivalency between grieving for a celebrity and a family member? What happens when rage becomes more important than decency? Is social media worth it?

We promise a return to discussions of raccoons, chewing gum and Clamato tomorrow, but for now, we stay serious.



This podcast recorded

while wearing safety glasses.

Episode #124: “Dedicated to Mom.”

Lets talk about moms. The sad explanation for the GFTJ team’s two-week absence is that during the break, Rosen’s mom —  #1 fan of the (Is it) Good for the Jews? podcast — passed away suddenly, making this, Episode #124, a kind of eulogy/reflection only made palatable by the presence of Rosen’s de facto rabbi, Goldbrener.

Join the boys are they reflect not only on Rosen’s mom (though there is plenty of that), but also on the nature of what it means to be Jewish, to be an outsider, to consider what happens when the lights go out and finally (after Rosen weirdly delivers a laundry list of the religions over every single girl he ever had a meaningful relationship with), what happens to moms who live in Whitefish, Montana when their sons turn out to be the founders of the “Alt-Right” movement.

As Frank Sinatra once said, “Now is not time to swing.” We are in the September of our years and acting accordingly, though in the end there is one thing on which both Rosen and Goldbrener can agree: the Mensch on the Bench is lame.


This one’s for you, Mom.

Episode #123: “Muslim/Jewish alliance; Mouse #2.”

Two weeks away have done nothing to ease the weight of a changed world, increasing the Twilight Lounge’s importance as a serene refuge (with mice). Join us this week as the boys go negative early (Twitter, tainted Hummus, dentistry, Israel on fire, disturbing changes in attitudes about Jews and Beastie Boy memorials,Fatah picks Abbas) before turning positive after the break and asking: :

Is a Jewish-Muslim Alliance good for the Jews?

It’s difficult to see how it could not be, save for Rosen’s reservations regarding the ability of this new policy group to effect actual change and Goldbrener’s wait-and-see attitude. Can 31 people who are not yet powerful and wealthy have a real impact on the way we live?

Also, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson are the same person.


“I will be heard.” — GoldMouse