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Episode #119: “Christmas cards, death of the G.O.P.”

Join us in the Twilight Lounge, despite microphone issues, rumors of mice in the walls and the faint odor of feline urine, for a lively hour of gripping, in-depth discussion about the pressing issues of the day, namely plumbing issues, mislabeled holiday cards, poorly behaved dogs and today’s news: a West Bank mayor invited Palestinians over for Sukkot; is that a jailable offense? Alex Jones says Jews run Uber, and Obi-Wan Kenobi: Jew or not a Jew?

Would the death of the Republican party be good for the Jews?

Lots of Jews might think so, but we beg to disagree. Though Jews have traditionally played a minor role in the G.O.P., we here at (Is it) Good for the Jews? can’t see an upside in the elimination of one of the country’s two major political parties. In fact, we’d rather see three… or four. And while we’re at it, what about Israel?

mouse close up isolated on white

Tonight’s guest: Ben.

Episode #117: “Choices”

Tonight in the Twilight Lounge Goldbrener is dropping knowledge like Tim Leary dropped acid: with confidence and fearlessness. His timing is excellent, since Rosen has plenty to learn about how to handle anti-Israel pundits in his world. Perhaps he’s reeling because he’s excluded from the Zionist Poker Club? And what of Russian Troll Factories? And controversial venture capitalist Peter Theil?

Tonight we speak of Jews and choices, and ultimately ask:

Is fighting fire with fire good for the Jews?

When the David Horowitz Freedom Center papered San Francisco State University with posters accusing a professor and members of the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) of supporting terrorism, was that a legitimate response to prior wrongs? Was it more effective than simply doing nothing, or was it a bad idea?


When all else fails, RickRoll.

Episode #116: “Locker room talk; Dylan’s Nobel.”

For reasons that remain a mystery, Rosen arrives in the Twilight Lounge completely amped up and full of hot takes about atoning, novel writing, UNESCO, Roger Waters, Jewish demographics, mouthwash and Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize. It’s all just a warm-up, though, for the real issues of the day, namely:

Is locker room talk good for the Jews?

Despite grappling with an uncooperative Goldbrener (who would rather talk about the Republican candidate for President of the U.S.), Rosen presses on and the boys touch on some deep aspects of what it means to be a Jew, inept in the manly arts and faced with a locker room full of salty language.


What happens in the locker room,

stays in the locker room.