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Episode #114: “Germany, trouble in Berkeley, Abbas under pressure.”

Welcome back to the Twilight Lounge, where several weeks of global travels have Rosen in a pensive mood. Join the boys as they consider Germany (and Oktoberfest) through the lens of a Jew and Irma, whose husband froze to death while hunting. Follow them as they address a troubling development at UC Berkeley and then launch into this week’s far-reaching and somewhat surprising question:

Is the “Arab Quartet” suddenly good for the Jews?

Is it possible that pressure from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and the UAE could force PA head Mohammad Abbas into coming to the table with Israel? Goldbrener explains why, while this is reason for optimism, it’s by no means as easy as it seems.



Episode #113: “Extreme vetting, AB2844, eat my Schwartz.”

Join us for a special A.M. recording of (Is it) Good for the Jews! Morning sun streams into the Twilight Lounge as the boys settle in to discuss the validity of The King of Real Estate’s college mascot and Rosen’s recent misadventures with Budget Rent-a-Car, then segue into a celebration of the book. “Eat My Schwartz.” California bill AB2844 is then debated, setting the stage for this week’s main topic:

Is “extreme vetting” good for the Jews?

On August 15, presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested that all potential immigrants to the U.S. be screened for anti-semitic, racist and homophobic tendencies. Is this proposal ethical?  Is it even plausible? Does Trump believe himself, or is he just pandering? The Twilight Lounge is your place for keen analysis of this and other pressing issues. And nurse parties.


Come on, now.

Episode #112: “Nurse party; national anthem; Shmuley.”

There’s a nurse party raging away upstairs and chaos is in the air as Rosen re-adjusts from his vacation world to reality world and Goldbrener shares his latest bus adventures, and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach teams up with Pamela Anderson to offer an anti-pornography message. Is this good for the Jews? Probably not, but the life of recently passed icon Gene Wilder certainly was. Meanwhile, inspired by a seated quarterback, we ask:

Is the Star Spangled Banner good for the Jews?

San Francisco 49er backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick says it isn’t good for African-Americans, but what about The Chosen People? Do we, as some say, “owe a debt of gratitude” to the country that sheltered us and allowed us to thrive? Or is it innately Jewish (or Jewish-American) to analyze, criticize and question our home?


No one was faster than the Waco Kid.