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Episode #108: “Small-town Jews, middle-age problems.”

If you feel you’ve stumbled onto a couple of old men complaining about their ailments, you’re not too far from the truth. Take heart, though; those with the inner fortitude to wade through kvetch-heavy tales of pulled muscles, stress tests and dire diagnoses courtesy of Dr. Google will be rewarded.  Rosen will express his views about WikiLeaks and Cyndy McKinney, Goldbrener will explain the difference between anti-semitism and Jew-hating and the central question of the week:

Is offering incentives to move Jews to small towns in Alabama Good for the Jews?

Will be embraced.

Why do the majority of American Jews live in cities? Are we an urban people because of aptitude or fear? And what will it take to convince us to move to a small town? As Jews, are we only allowed access to part of the American Dream? What happened to the Jewish pioneers of the southern United States, and how badly do the region’s small towns want them back? From the comfort of the very urban Twilight Lounge, Goldbrener and Rosen will discuss all of this, and rodeo clowns.


Given the chance, he will throw candy at Rosen.

Episode #107: “Chaos, chaos chaos.”

Rosen is self-medicating with pretzels and ripping down “Free Palestine” bumper stickers from bus shelters. Are these the habits of a sane and ethical man? Of a non-partisan man? Of a man who’s reached his breaking point? Fortunately, he has the calming, ethically grounded Goldbrener to talk him off the (pretzel-strewn) ledge, Carlos Santana is playing Tel Aviv and not-yet-boycotted Israeli whiskey can ease the sting of David Duke’s latest Trumptastic anti-semitic rant. More importantly, the boys wonder after a week of unrest:

Is a World in Chaos Good for the Jews?

Unlike last week, when the Twilight Lounge offered shelter from the global storm, this week it embraces it, acknowledging that driving a truck into a crowd in Nice, watching a strongman squelch an attempted coup, shooting cops and attacking people with an axe while riding a train through Germany can, in no way, be good for the Jews.


R.I.P. the Jewiest non-Jew in Hollywood.

Episode #106: “Sunflower seeds, Pamplona, Brexit.”

The world can be a terrifying place. Thankfully, we have to relative calm of the Twilight Lounge as refuge. Join the boys this week as they discuss the proper way to eat sunflower seeds, check up on Goldbrener’s bus adventures, wax poetic on the running of the bulls, consider the best Twilight Zone episode and assess the threat level coming from an Iranian General named after an Italian lunch meat. It’s all a warm-up, though, preceding this week’s somewhat belated question:

Is Brexit good for the Jews?

This question proves to be remarkably dense, encompassing social, political, economical and emotional issues and touching on Israel’s status as a trade partner with England, the EU’s attitude toward the Jewish state versus its anxiety surrounding Middle Eastern refugees and the general Jewish aversion to global instability.

The Twilight Lounge: lightweights not encouraged.

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