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Episode #105: “Curb your anti-semitism.”

Six days on the road and Rosen is back in the Twilight Lounge, sharing tales of polite drivers, excellent customer service and not so bad melancholia. Meanwhile, Goldbrener offers an update on his bus situation and California’s college campuses check in as the #2 spot for anti-semitism in the U.S., Israel seems to have eradicated peanut allergies and the boys reject former London Mayor (and purveyor of oddball theories about Jews) Ken Livingstone’s assertion that many of his best friends are Jewish.

Meanwhile, a pressing question:

Is the return of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” good for the Jews?

Goldbrener offers an unconditional and enthusiastic “yes!” but Rosen is not so convinced. Is Larry David “the real deal,” as Eric insists, or would Jews be better served by alternative portrayals (like, perhaps, the dynamic David Birney of “Bridget Loves Bernie?”) of the Chosen People on TV? And what’s happened to Jewish characters in media anyway? Where’d they all go?


Bamba: is it that simple?

Episode #104: “Conflict resolution.”

A stereophonic open indicates that this will be a show unlike any other, in which Rosen cedes the storytelling floor to Goldbrener, who relates an ultimately unresolved tale of terror and conflict on a San Francisco city bus. We leave it up to you, listeners, to suggest the best way for your favorite Libertarian Warrior Jew to avoid future conflict, because

Conflict on the bus is NOT good for the Jews.

Meanwhile, Rosen is again dodging the anti-Israel barbs of well-meaning neighbors and learning a little something about tribalism as part of the bargain, and Goldbrener’s young daughter is facing hostility at the sandwich shop. Eventually, completely spent after an exhausting hour of discussing conflict, the boys find a ray of Jewish light to carry them through the week: namely, that global sports celebrity David Beckham recently stated that he identifies as Jewish.


How bad can it be when Becks is one of us?

Episode #103: “Mein Kampf, French bread truck.”

This week’s show is devoted to asking probing questions: What is the proper vehicle to drive to Marin County? How long could you stand having a 1950s French bread truck parked in front of your house? Is there a foolproof way to ward off clipboard-clutching do-gooders in front of Safeway? What does Bernie Sanders think of Philadelphia’s proposed soda tax? But mostly,

Is an annotated  “Mein Kampf” good for the Jews?

When the Munich Institute for Contemporary History decided to release a 2,000-page version of “Mein Kampf” (that’s 1,200 pages of commentary), they opened up a can of worms that had been sealed for 70 years. Or did they? The book has been available in many Jew-averse countries all along. 30 minutes of discussion leads the boys to the following conclusion: it all depends on context.


S’il vous plait deplacer cette voiture.