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Episode #100(!) “Seth Rogen, Reebok, and Brandon Soulchild.”

Tired, called a racist by a terribly misguided Twitter warrior, Rosen enters the Twilight Lounge for the 100th time, ready to indict Twitter, manipulative language, San Francisco’s Vehicle Eradication Project (VEP) and Jewish Heritage Month. Fortunately, Goldbrener provides a calming influence, steering this 100th episode of (Is it) Good for the Jews? through discussions of ska music and Reebok’s attempt to (maybe) market a “Happy Birthday Israel” pair of kicks. What’s really on everyone’s mind, though, is this:

Is Seth Rogen good for the Jews?

What is the responsibility of public figures, especially those carrying the mantle of the Jewish people? Is it enough to succeed as an actor, producer and writer, or should Rogen be doing something else? And what of creative geniuses whose personal lives are a mess, or worse? Do their personal failings discredit their creative successes?

This episode not sponsored by Reebok, though we’d happily accept their money.


 Just another example of Jewish oppression.

Episode #99: “Flat tires, poker, folk music, Chabon.”

Author Michael Chabon will not be ignored (by this podcast), but first: Rosen fears he has a flat tire and a broken hand and a busy Goldbrener has no time for poker. There is no “English Bob Dylan,” and the refrigerator in the bathroom is actually a coffee station in the office. Rosen is offended both by Orthodox Jews who refuse innoculations and the Trophy Wife Contract; all appetizers for this week’s main course:

if a bunch of writers visit the West Bank, is that good for the Jews?

Chabon and co. were shaken by “the worst case of injustice” they’d ever seen, and will be writing a book in response. Is this the kind of “tough love” Israel needs? Or is it a case of American Jews passing judgement based on partial information? And now that they’ve identified a problem (that may or may not have needed identifying), who’s got a solution?


 Arthur Miller: Jewish man.

Episode #98: “Holocaust humor, cream soda, no Chabon.”

Cream soda is good for the Jews. This much is inarguable, even for Goldbrener, and it launches the boys into Episode #98, which includes intense discussion of “Sabbath Mode” and why Rosen’s sister has a small refrigerator in her new bathroom. Also touched on: guitar players and drummers, what happens when a town in Spain changes it’s anti-Semitic name, whether wacky former London Mayor Ken Livingstone thinks Hitler was a Zionist and finally, this week’s main course:

is the Holocaust documentary “The Last Laugh” good for the Jews?

Is it true, as Steve Allen once said, that “tragedy plus time equals comedy?” Documentary filmmaker Ferne Perlstein thinks so, and she interviewed some heavyweight Jewish comedians (Mel Brooks! Sarah Silverman!) to make her point. Despite Rosen’s argument that “This is what we do! We laugh in the face of tragedy!” Goldbrener remains unmoved. Listen here to find out why.


 The light is off, and everybody’s home.