Monthly Archives: April 2016

Episode #96: “Passover at Disneyworld.”

Passover is upon us, so we’d be bad Jews were we to ignore it for this week’s show. You’ll have to slog through examinations of the Mid-Century Modern design and lifestyle, Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Catera’s bar mitzvah, various Jewish celebrities and a new “screw that guy,” but eventually we will ask a question of paramount importance, namely:

is a Disneyworld Passover good for the Jews?

Magicians! Hypnotists! Puppet shows! Comedians and musicians! Mickey, Minnie and the Haunted Mansion! Does this sound like Passover to you? How about a semi-private Seder at a resort in Scottsdale? It works for Joe Fogel. Would it work for you?


 Commandment #11: Get thee to Disneyworld.

Episode #95: “Bagels and BDS.”

Things get fiery in the Twilight Lounge this week when Rosen lobs what he thinks is a softball at Goldbrener only to receive in response the debate equivalent of a blistering line drive through the box. Chastened and caught unprepared by Godbrener’s increasingly nuanced view of the Middle East, Rosen retreats into more comfortable terrain, asking:

are bagels good for the Jews?

It seems like a slam dunk, but should an item brimming with carbohydrates and not much else really be the trademark food of a people? Also discussed: the shelf life of being hip and current, the proper jeans for middle age, the origins and character of “Jewish food” and kosher Thin Mints.


Delicious! And now: kosher.

Episode #94: “Anti-semitism on campus. Mexican lounging suits.”

It’s sweltering outside but cool as ever in the Twilight Lounge, where Goldbrener has donned a Mexican Lounging Suit and Rosen is serving up an ice cold Coca-Cola. This week, the boys battle various respiratory ailments while discussing outrageous clothing, Russian mobsters, Bernie Sanders’ sketchy math and this week’s big question:

Is the UC’s Recent Amendment to its “Principles Against Intolerance” Policy Good for the Jews?

Included in this discussion are questions regarding the nature of anti-semitism on campus, the efficacy of a policy which doesn’t include any mechanism for enforcement, why the UC system felt it necessary to act and, perhaps most ominously to those who count on Jews to be intellectual giants and physical weaklings, Goldbrener’s plans to counter anti-semitism. Hint: it resembles the final scene of “Revenge of the Nerds.”


Obnoxious, yes, but is it anti-semitism?