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Episode #93: “Speaking Spanish in Jewish school.”

High energy rules the airwaves tonight as the boys revel in being back together after a two-week break. They have to get past issues regarding Tom Petty and Tom Waits, bad behavior at San Francisco State, Perry Farrell’s disgusting behavior in 1988, what Jews do in Yosemite and a couple of news items involving Richie Scheinblum, Cal Abrams and Snickers bars, but eventually they alit on this week’s topic, which asks:

Is Requiring Students to Learn Hebrew in Jewish Schools Good for the Jews?

There are changes afoot in Bay Area Jewish schools; some are offering Spanish instruction and no longer requiring Hebrew. What is the genesis of this trend? Are schools responding to parental pressure or are they trying to broaden their appeal? Is a “Jewish education” truly Jewish if it doesn’t include Hebrew? Is Rosen a bad Jew because he’d rather learn Spanish? How do you pronounce “gestalt?” And finally, beware collegiate wannabes who try to impress Golbrener’s daughter with vague Kaballah knowledge.


Banned in Gaza.

Episode #92: “BMW apologizes, Palestinian poetry.”

Episode #92 is strong enough to carry you through the next two weeks, which is good, since Rosen will be spending Purim in Yosemite, costumed as a bald, middle-aged Jewish guy, so there will be no show next week. Meanwhile, join the boys as they discuss the Cascadia Subduction Zone, BMW’s apology for the Holocaust, Goldbrener’s rejection of “Trump is Hitler” and his ignorance of where Rosen’s kid goes to school, and, finally whether

Softer Palestinian Ads on Public Transit are Good for the Jews.

Rosen appreciates that the Palestinian Advocacy Project’s ads on San Francisco buses have become more positive, but does that mean PAP’s goals have softened? Rosen is encouraged by the life of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, but not PAP. If he speaks ill of the latter, is that a PAP smear? And finally, is banning political ads from public spaces a slippery slope?


Apology accepted.

Episode #91: “Rosen bottoms out; Schumer offends?”

Two weeks into his wife’s business trip, Rosen is working his way back from the bottom. He’s shaved, showered and ready to discuss the richest Jew in the world, Soda Stream and Goldbrener’s love for a hermit-like existence. It’s all a warm-up, though, to the main event, which asks

Is Amy Schumer’s Potentially Offensive Tweet Good for the Jews?

Among the issues brought up: anti-semitism, “it’s a black thing,” the origins of the outrageous legend that says Jews have horns. Also, biblical translation errors, Michaelangelo, the Middle Ages, kangaJews, Jackie Mason imitations, the power of repurposing stereotypes and Schumer’s tendency to work blue.


Offended? We’re not.