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Episode #89: “Drake at your bat mitzvah.”

Having spent the weekend playing golf with The King of Real Estate, you’d think Rosen would arrive relaxed, but no, he is full of his usual rants about traffic and local government. The boys then segue into discussions about Jewish boxer Mike Rossman, WikiLeaks and Oscars swag bags, eventually arriving at this week’s question:

 Is having Drake play your bat mitzvah good the Jews?

It takes much of the program’s second half to arrive at a conclusion, as Goldbrener and Rosen consider Jewish stereotypes, the responsibilities of great wealth, Bernie Sanders impressions and Kanye’s chances of escaping the Kardashian’s clutches intact. Also included this week: a listener homework assignment.


How much is too much? (b’nai mitzvot edition)

Episode #88: “West Coast Jews, Jew-ish actors, Grammies gripe.”

Are Goldbrener and Rosen up to the task when new microphones raise the level of professionalism at (Is it) Good for  the Jews? Or will improved equipment just make Rosen’s Grammy awards  gripes more difficult to dismiss? Consider this as you ponder this week’s question, merely:

 Was western U.S. migration good the Jews?

Have those of us residing in the western states sacrificed our Jewish identity in our quest to move beyond tribalism and embrace the California (or Oregon, Washington, etc.) Dream? Even in Los Angeles, where Jews are more like Jews, can westerners be taken seriously by the “Eastern establishment?”


For some Jews, this is an irresistible scene.

Episode #87: “Secular Humanist Jews… and Ted Nugent.”

This week, Rosen learns that inspiration comes in many colors, be it an enthusiastic theater-goer or the political guy at work. And yet, should we forgive Motor City Madman Ted Nugent for his anti-semitic gun control rant? Goldbrener has some interesting thoughts on this subject and on Hello Mazel’s “boxes of Jewy goodness,” leading us to this week’s question:

Are secular humanist Jews good for the Jews?

Rosen plays devil’s advocate: why do you need a temple if you don’t believe in God?  Goldbrener explains how to be both an atheist and a Jew, and displays a singular disgust for haters of all stripes. Whether Godful or Godless, the message is clear: “Don’t lose your humanity,” even if you are constantly surrounded by music you hate.


Some people see Jewish conspiracy everywhere.