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Episode #82: “More Chinese food, and ultra-Orthodox Jews.”

Lacking a year-end focus and unable to extract themselves from their Chinese food obsession, the boys dive back into a discussion about the joys and perils of Far Eastern cuisine, touch on the hit Netflix doc “Making of a Murderer” and compare TV writers to Luke Walton. Things turn serious when they ask:

Are ultra-orthodox Jews good for the Jews?

considering their roles as members of a nation, be it Israel or the U.S. Will Goldbrener and Rosen find common ground on the subject of these devout, black-hatted, long-bearded separatists? Listen in.


Good for the Jews?

Episode #81: “Chinese food on Christmas.”

The boys display mad conversational skillz this week, turning a Star Wars discussion into one about the nature of military structure and whether Jedi knights operate according to a martial philosophy, then smoothly moving onto this week’s topic:

Is eating Chinese food on Christmas good for the Jews?

Somehow, this leads to a somber meditation on faith as a destination versus faith as a means to an end and whether a”religious experience” involves mindfulness or rapture. Go figure.


Not Jewish, but still.

Episode #80: “Going deep on Hanukkah. And sunscreen.”

Can Jews get depressed during the holidays or is that exclusively a gentile thing? Can you really put nine people on a stage and call it a debate? What’s the best way to go bald? Join the boys as they

Take a long look at the Festival of Lights

comparing the Hanukkah experience to the Christmas experience, casting no aspersions on Jews with Christmas trees and debating whether Jews can feel the seasonal pressure that sometimes plagues their non-Jewish friends, especially given that they get eight presents, not one.


Fair fight?