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Episode #78: “Late night in the Twilight Lounge.”

What are we here at “(Is it) Good for the Jews?” thankful for? Another hour with Mr. San Francisco! Join us as we skip our intro and instead continue to examine the situation in Paris, kicking off Hour #2 with the question:

Is learning that ISIS is not just after Jews good for the Jews?

Wind down in the Twilight Lounge, where Goldbrener’s gloves are off and he’s saying unpopular things, Rosen references Sarah Silverman and Curtis LeMay within 60 seconds of each other and, at the 30-minute mark, Mr. San Francisco digresses and simultaneously proves Godwin’s Law. It’s late night and anything can happen.


The later it gets, the looser things get in the Twilight Lounge.

Episode #77: “Talking ISIS with Mr. San Francisco”

Tonight the boys are joined by all-around stellar guy Steve Ganz to break down the tragic and maddening goings-on in France. After establishing Ganz’ bonafides (prominent member of the San Francisco Jewish community, lifelong Goldbrener friend), they quickly dive into the matter at hand, pausing first to remind us that:

Nothing about ISIS is good for the Jews, or anyone.

Listen as Goldbrener lays out his take on world affairs, morality and the scapegoating of Israel, Ganz brings to a table a nuanced view of Sunni-Shiite conflicts and Rosen reveals how little he knows about everything that is not sports and/or pop culture.

Also: Fishbone.


It’s foreign policy night in the Twilight Lounge.

Episode #76: “Sandler, grain beetles.”

What does it mean for a public figure to be good for the Jews? Does it mean he or she embodies everything we want the world to think about us? Does this person need to be a shining example of Judaism and/or Jews, or does he or she just have to be someone we want on our team? It is with these questions in mind that Goldbrener and Rosen ask:

Is Adam Sandler good for the Jews?

Some may say he’s too lowbrow; others might say he’s a Jewish Everyman. One thing is for certain: you’ll want the boys to quickly move onto this topic after hearing of Rosen’s opening tale of a harrowing scrape with a pantry full of grain beetles.


Is it enough to be a famous, likable Jewish everyman?