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Episode #66: “Hair flying everywhere!”

A jittery Rosen arrives at the Twlilight Lounge after almost being forced off the road by a “beat to crap” minivan and immediately launches into an anti-beat-to-crap-minivan diatribe, which segues into Goldbrener’s tales of motor vehicle-related confrontation during his wild-haired youth and then a general discussion of city life vs. life in small Connecticut towns. After musing on the most boring job Rosen has ever had and an uncomfortable dive into the value of Rosen’s “art,” the boys finally, soothingly, reach the week’s topic:

Is NPR good for the Jews?

Ira Glass

Ira says “yes”

Episode #65: Thank you, Vanilla Ice, for all that you’ve given to the world.

Is it possible that joke-stealing isn’t the worse of Josh Orlovsky’s transgressions? How about calling yourself “Fat Jew?” either way, no amount of hand-wringing and deconstruction can convince Goldbrener and Rosen that this corpulent child of the Upper West Side is good for the Jews. Nor, it appears, is Rosen’s sad attachment to wearing black athletic socks, a habit he seems helpless the break, despite a long lecture from Goldbrener, whose own style he self-characterizes as “gangsta.”

And finally:

Why is it okay if Stevie Wonder steals your riff, but not okay if it’s lifted by Vanilla Ice?


Word to your mother.

Episode #64: “We have little things of keys.”

Is “vocal fry” an innately sexist term? Was Paul McCartney replaced by William Campbell during the summer of 1967 after his untimely death? If progressives had allowed themselves do watch the Republican debate without sneering, would they have seen democracy in action? Where are Rosen’s keys? Is The Atlantic Monthly a publication favored by eggheads who wouldn’t be caught dead reading Time? Are humans little slices of divinity or merely over-evolved animals?

Why hasn’t the NRA co-opted the term “trigger warning?”

Most importantly, is the term “microagression” a sure sign of an apocalyptic future for free speech and intellectual thought on college campuses?


Pop quiz for modern college students: who is the man pictured above?