Monthly Archives: July 2015

Episode #62: “Nachamu, Nachamu.”

Goldbrener has returned from Spain, the Twilight Lounge has newly-shampooed carpeting and it is the 37th anniversary of Rosen’s bar mitzvah — a perfect time to reconvene and discuss 1978 pop music, Jewfros, Pliny the Elder, a shared dislike for the sloppy downtown tech worker uniform, whether Ice Cube would cook you up in a pot like gumbo and the rather serious question:

Is the interestingly-timed release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard good for the Jews?


#10 on the charts in July, 1978, and definitely good for the Jews.

Episode #61: “Elect Chris Pratt in 10 years.”

The boys experiment with recording on a different day of the week, leading to all sorts of imbalance and an opening that discusses Six Sigma before welcoming listeners to the Twilight Lounge. Wasting little time, Goldbrener and Rosen touch on the economics of live music shows, the difference between Jewish camp and regular camp, Amish drug dealers and the Pope before asking this week’s question:

Would a Donald Trump presidency would be good for the Jews?


Ladies and Gentlemen: Your GOP presidential front-runner

Episode #60: “My circadian rhythm is all out of whack.”

In 2007, Rosen wrote a scathing blog entry about the Grateful Dead. Eight years later, it’s garnered thousands of hits and 123 mostly hate- (and patchouli-) filled comments. Why not keep the party going, then, by asking, upon the completion of its “farewell tour,” whether San Francisco’s favorite lifestyle corporation is good for the Jews?

WARNING: this podcast contains wholesale dismissals of important hippie tropes.


Steal your… Mogen David?