Monthly Archives: June 2015

Episode #58: “I have a unique, tangible asset.”

Return with us to the Twilight Lounge, where you’ll find a refreshed Rosen and Goldbrener finally talking about pornography on the eve of adult film legend Jenna Jameson’s conversion to Judaism, but not before Rosen recounts his traumatic encounter with a young Chabad rabbi on the streets of Paris. Thumbs up this week to: Nina Hartley, Scarlett Johansen, scary Russian guys, hair restoration; thumbs down to: American Idol, imitating Howard Stern, Rosen’s left calf muscle, people who think porn stars are “beyond redemption.”

Funny, she doesn’t look Jewish.

Jenna Jameson

Episode #57: “If it’s not on the list it doesn’t exist.”

If a bearded hermit shoots a bartender for serving him Clamato in Hamilton, Montana, is it good for the Jews?

The boys tackle this question in their last podcast before taking a one-week break, peppering the conversation with references to wise-cracking hipster Jews, stressed out cats, photo bombing dogs, personal beer shoppers, Barack Obama’s post-presidency strategy and taste in popular music, Rosen’s list of topics, a critique of the American public education system and, as usual, an analysis of the endless spiritual quest of San Francisco’s Jewish community.


Clamato is not kosher, but is it worth shooting someone over?

Episode #56: “We are a lumpy people.”

What makes for an effective doorbell? Is it one that you can hear throughout the house? Or one that doesn’t ring at all?

If you’re Eric Goldbrener, it’s the latter, even when its silence convinces your podcasting partner that you’re not home, sending him away in frustration, only to return an hour later wanting to discuss atheists in Seattle, the best shoes for walking in France, where to find used leather vests, Hebrew National bologna and all of his problems with soccer, a sport whose scandal-plagued present has him wondering if The Beautiful Game is, in fact, good for the Jews.

It’s gotten to where Rosen is considering a Kickstarter to replace Goldbrener’s doorbell.