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Episode #55: “You might as well eat the wafer.”

A busy, emotionally taxing weekend leaves Rosen off-kilter, so much so that he actually screws up Goldbrener’s name before revealing he’s arrived at the Twilight Lounge without any notes for the day’s show. Fortunately, the boys rise to the occasion, launching into a spirited discussion that touches on high school graduation, correct behavior during Catholic mass, what the word “tolerance” really means, evangelical Christians’ evolving attitudes toward Jews and whether Jewish American Heritage Month is good for the Jews.

In Rosen’s addled mind, this man is related to his podcast partner.

Oscar Goldman

Episode #54: “Giant TVs. Unbelievable nachos.”

Goldbrener shows up looking “talibanesque,” according to his wife, which sends Rosen into a flight of fancy about how he wishes he missed barbershops but in fact found them to be sources of anxiety. Continuing their hirsute theme, the boys then segue into a study of the cruel ironies of aging, personified by “an inch-long hair growing out of the middle of your nose,” then continue onto a meditation on rites of passage by asking the question:

“Is the senior prom good for the Jews?”

The answer may not surprise you, but the ease at which Eric transitions into talking about the IDF might.


Some people, like Eric, inexplicably made it through the 80s hating this band..

Episode #53: “This is cement. This is not going to taste good.”

It is an older, but perhaps not wiser Rosen who joins Goldbrener in the Twilight Lounge to give an update on his latest dental woes, which now include a chunk of plastic stuck in his mouth, making eating a rote, unenjoyable activity. Despite his inability to correctly pronounce the letter S, he insists on discussing unusual odors in France, good kids who come all the way from Oregon and dumb electronic musicians in the laundromat before launching into an in-depth study of the question that has been haunting The Chosen People for centuries:

Are zombies good for the Jews?

This movie has 0.004% the budget of Goldrener’s.