Monthly Archives: March 2015

Episode #46: “Rock and roll is a mutation.”

On the eve of her move to Atlanta, Georgia, second-time guest and official Wandering Jew Rabbi Ruth returns to the Twilight Lounge to discuss pressing Jewish issues of the day, namely whether or not Madonna really did buy a condo in Tel Aviv.

Also covered: Eric’s inspiring take on atonement, whether or not “looking Jewish” is a thing, the likelihood that Eric and Ruth’s grandparents were once neighbors and how the American South has treated its Jewish residents.

Also featured: Larry saying “segue” as often as possible.


As God is our witness, Rabbi Ruth will never go hungry again, once she moves to Atlanta.

Episode #45: “You’ve got to bring Santa Claus into the story.”

It’s March 17, St. Patrick’s Day and the boys can’t agree whether Rosen is wearing a green shirt or a gray one. Besides that, it’s also the day of Isreali elections, a prospect confusing enough to send anyone rushing for the comfort of the nearest Irish bar. Fortunately, we have Goldbrener, who breaks down (and correctly predicts the outcome of) today’s races. Meanwhile,
Eddie Itchkawitz is still standing outside in the cold, pretending to be Elijah and waiting to be let in.

More fun to be Irish? I think so.


Episode #44: “Send someone important. Just for kicks.”

Our man at AIPAC, Sam Lauter is summoned to the Twilight Lounge

To talk Rosen down off the ledge after a rant so completely off the rails that it doomed the original Episode #44 to oblivion. Fresh from a trip to Washington (and a meeting with Nancy Pelosi), Sam breaks down recent events that have caused tension among the U.S., Israel, Iran, Democrats, Republicans and basically everyone with access to social media, while simultaneously offering a compassionate shoulder to cry on for 49ers fans worldwide.

The Twlilight Lounge is barely large enough to contain the lanky frame of our tallest-ever guest.