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Episode #42: “Giving up can actually be good.”

It’s Eric’s worst nightmare: a pseudo-minyan of Catholic school-affiliated Jews in the Twilight Lounge!

That’s the story as authors Lee Kravetz and David Feldman join the boys to discuss their best-seller, “Supersurvivors,” which tells the stories of trauma survivors who’ve not just “survived,” but instead have gone on to attain heights they’d never thought possible …kind of like a certain ethnic/religious group we know quite well…

Feldman and Kravetz bring their message of “grounded hope” to the Twilight Lounge.

Super Survivors

Episode #41: “Everything short of a total mouth reconstruction.”

What important Jewish issue did Rosen want to talk about today?

We’ll never know, because he quickly gets sidetracked, diving deeply into issues relating to dentistry, chewing gum, how cigarette smoke can be nostalgic, Goldbrener’s experience owning (and disposing of) mice as pets, mean Twitter comments, the need for institutional socialization in a civilized society and the karmic repercussions of making fun of someone’s shoes as a high school senior.

When you’re the top dog, all the other dogs come after you.

Clockwork Orange

Episode #40: “I’m still in an 80s mindset.”

Goldbrener has returned from Israel and is ready to give us the lowdown on life in the Homeland, including a discussion of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s decision to speak before the U.S. Congress… but not until the boys spend 20 minutes talking about t-shirts, why Rosen normally doesn’t wear black jeans, how living in a city is like living in a small town and why “cool dads” are poisoning the waters for the rest of us.

To some, there is nothing cooler than a ska suit and a narrow tie.

Oi Oi Oi