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Episode #38: “You’re in college. Are you a communist yet?”

Eric goes dark while discussing the world’s brief flirtation with (tolerance of?) philosemiticism, derailing Larry’s hope that maybe the tragic events in France would lead to a positive tipping point for the Jews and leading the boys into a heavy, somewhat bleak discussion of the connection between anti-Zionism and anti-semitism, but not before accusing Rosen of being a secret hippie, explaining how the childhood loss of his adenoids has left him disabled and sharing his recent experiences in a West Portal nail salon. This episode would be brought to you by Ludens if we had sponsors. We don’t.


Without Ludens, this podcast would be impossible. Ludens are good for the Jews.

Episode #37: “You’re like the Zionist version of the Maxell guy.”

What will happen when Rosen’s kid leaves for college? How does the Twilight Lounge resemble Patrick Bateman’s apartment in “American Psycho?” How will Goldbrener be spending his time during his upcoming Israel trip? Where is Gwyneth Paltrow on her conversion process and are religious-themed schools — not just Jewish ones, but religious schools of all kinds — good for the Jews? These and other questions are answered as the boys bask in the glow of Rosen’s recovered iTunes library.


Like the Maxell guy, Eric steels himself in the face of anti-Zionist zealotry.

Episode #36: “You sound great! You look terrific!”

Is polite indifference good for the Jews?

Is it good for anyone? Eric earns big egghead points by referencing Ze’ev Jabotinsky in this far-reaching (and chronologically out of order) discussion that touches on irreparable conflict, fundamentalist Mormons, having Rosen’s mom on the podcast, whether or not the world was more full of hate in 2014 than ever before and the therapeutic qualities of parasailing.

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