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Episode #34: “Perfect, virtuous men.”

No, the title does not refer to the Jews behind this podcast

Though this episode does explore what Goldbrener does not want to call “morality.” There are disagreements aplenty as the boys discuss an “American Christian” would-be terrorist and a potentially inflammatory quote from Yossi Sarid, but not until first musing over Rosen’s first experience with Bikram Yoga and whether or not participating in such an activity makes him a hippie.

Bikram Yoga

Yup, Birkram yoga..

Episode #33: “Lets go back to the 70s.”

Rosen and Goldbrener present a special holiday-themed episode, during which they ruminate about the commercialization of Hanukkah, but not before discussing bad gelt, a charismatic rabbi, the folly of thinking you can change anyone’s mind, dental x-ray hijinks and the only Jew in Lake Chelan, Washington.


Legalized gambling, Jewish-style.

Episode #32: “I love Canada!”

The esteemed Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder joins the boys for a podcast that begins with a quick story about Dr. Ruth, followed by a James Lipton intro, mentions of college applications and the Cuban Rueben, and a deeper study of issues that arose during her first date with her future husband and the feminist implications of the ancient Jewish rite of circumcision.

Rabbi Ruth and Eric break it down in the Twilight Lounge

Rabbi Ruth and Eric