Monthly Archives: November 2014

Episode #30: “I am the best arguer in the world.”

Rosen’s intentions — to discuss the latest unrest in the Middle East — do not match his execution — to talk about going to the dentist for about 20 minutes, then to launch into a diatribe about Lyndon LaRouche, followed by Goldbrener outlining his dislike of all conspiracy theorists — which, on its surface, may not be not Good for the Jews.


Some people claim to enjoy visiting the dentist.

Episode #29: “I once drove your van to San Jose.”

Rosen is bent but not bowed by his experiences purchasing a new car. Does his inability to get a good deal make him less of a Jew? Do some stereotypes actually work out in our favor? Why have a beard if you don’t live having a beard? Is there anyone who thinks the Glenn Close nude scene in “The Big Chill” was a good idea? These questions and more, answered this week.

MicroNinja: recovered.