Monthly Archives: October 2014

Episode #25: “If I didn’t know you I’d probably mock you.”

Is Rosen actually a secret New Yorker cast adrift in a land of slow-moving Californians? Are courtesy laws really the foundation of civilization? How does one properly atone? Does it require an icon of a cute cartoon goat? These are only a few of the questions answered in this episode.

Blue Shoe

Would you mock this shoe? What if it was paired with a matching jacket?

Episode #24: “What you really want is a full-size Smart Car.”

Is skipping a podcast to drop your daughter at college Good for the Jews?

It’d better be. Rosen and Goldbrener return after (another) week hiatus to discuss cars, bicycles, Goyim, and Bibi Netanyahu’s speech before the United Nations. Iran or ISIS: you make the call.


Rosen’s Mac is not only ineffective; it’s also undersized.