Monthly Archives: October 2014

Episode #28: “The private sector is responsive.”

The boys can’t avoid election season, no matter how hard they try, and it’s weighing hard on Rosen’s psyche, unlike Ocean Avenue, which rates barely a blip on Goldbrener’s radar despite being the nearest commercial strip to the Twilight Lounge.
Also discussed this week: Israel (of course), Gavin Newsom’s helmet hair, whether Reagan was Satan and, unavoidably, beards, beards and more beards!

Ocean Avenue: snubbed by Goldbrener.

Episode #27: “Death has no face. Death is blank.”

Halloween comes early to the Twilight Lounge as the boys discuss their relative ambivalence toward costumes, parties and being aged out of the trick-or-treating parenthood club. Also debated: beards, public nudity (and fanny packs), what a homeless guy smells like after six month, Monica Lewinsky’s relationship to Talmudic Law and the crazy kids of open Hillel.

Alice Cooper

Halloween comes early: Welcome to my nightmare.

Episode #26: “Nobody can manage time like you.”

An incredible(ly mundane) series of events finds Rosen arriving at the Twilight Lounge at precisely 12PM, in time to discuss hot beverage consultants, Eric Burdon’s Hawaiian shirt, playing poker in a sukkah, Rosen’s new love for ceiling fans, getting feisty on Facebook and whether $5.4 billion to rebuild Gaza is a good idea.

Twilight Lounge

Still life: new mic, Goldbrener’s shoe, Twilight Lounge.