Monthly Archives: September 2014

Episode #23: “They were fun! They were hip!”

Our long national nightmare is over.

(Is it) Good for the Jews? has returned!

Enjoy a look at golfing in Nevada, dive bars, 13-year-old Scotch, unconventional Bar Mitzvahs and exactly what it takes to be a Jew. This dogma-free episode is brought to you by Garageband, teenagers about to leave for college and whoever can teach us how to promote our podcast.

Israelite: The Hebrew

Come to the Twilight Lounge where the beer’s always kosher.

Episode 22: “Jew Jew Jew! Every step of the way.”

What happens when Goldbrener shows up stressed-out and Rosen shows up in a bad mood? Disparaging remarks about Mick Jagger, Catholics and hippies, that’s what, plus serious questions about undergraduate-level classes in Grateful Dead Dancing, what happens when your girlfriend takes you to church, how to convert to Judaism and the value of the Jewish community’s “wide net.” Also, sighing and aspersions.

The calming lava lamp was no match for the tension in the Twilight Lounge.