Monthly Archives: August 2014

Episode #21: “I was a miserable little punk.”

The boys are firing on all cylinders this week as they ask the question:

“Are teenagers capable of empathy?”

Rosen reveals the utter depths of his character during his early 20s. From there it’s off to the Middle East again, where “Islam for Dummies” is required reading for a few western-born jihadis. Also teenagers? Find out. It’s a half-hour of gibberish and a half-hour of serious discussion. Guess who dominates which.

Shakada Makada

The average teenager responds to being asked to clean his room.

Episode #20B: There was Kugel everywhere

Sadly, seemingly insurmountable audio issues mean episode #20 may be lost forever, but that doesn’t mean the boys can’t saddle up for a non-Gaza Crisis-themed GFTJ and call it “Episode 20B,” then take an hour focused instead on Rosen’s crisis of faith, ubiquitous ice buckets, exactly what makes a culture a culture and, of course, kugel. Kugel everywhere.

Lava Lamp

Things are getting groovy in the twilight lounge.

Episode #19: I’m out there to bait people.

Faced with a facilities crisis, the boys invite political consultant and NorCal AIPAC bigwig Sam Lauter into the Faux Twilight Lounge (AKA Rosen’s basement), where Goldbrener and Sam engage in a high-level discussion about politics, Israel and AIPAC’s role in each, only occasionally interrupted by Rosen’s inane non-sequitors.