Episode #213: What is Rashida talking about?

After 16 minutes of freezing on Goldbrener’s porch, an agitated Rosen enters the Twilight Lounge sporting a broken pair of glasses, still glowing from seeing a middle-aged punk rock show in Arizona and reeling from Mel Gibson’s image rehabilitation repeated pleas at a funeral to “tell me more about Israel.”

Which leads us to this week’s point of contention, in which a softball is once again lobbed toward Goldbrener, who bats it back at Rosen with great purpose. The point in question:

What exactly is Rashida Tlaib talking about?

Spoiler alert #1: your hosts cannot agree.

Spoiler alert #2: Rosen missed the first quarter of the Warriors game.

Spectacle aspirations.


Episode #212: Even the help is WASPs

Rosen’s dog has balloons on his feet and the energy is low, but that doesn’t prevent your favorite Jews from delving deep into the nature of exclusionary covenants — both written and implied — and the hidden trauma experienced by a Jew at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. Meanwhile, Jews are experiencing real trauma just up the road, leading Goldbrener to conclude once again that all Jews should be armed and the Jewish propaganda machine (TM) is at it again.

In lighter news, scientists at Tel Aviv U are making it really hard to boycott Israeli goods and Josh Rosen is headed for the second-best landing spot possible. Also: Vans are okay for older men.

Not that we should have to ask this, but:

Are Jew-free private clubs good for the Jews?

Of course not. You can run but you can’t hide.



Episode #211: Barghouti, Swastikas and FODMAP

Someone left the space heater on, leaving the Twilight Lounge with the unmistakable vibe of a Bikram yoga studio. Goldbrener insists Rosen eat meat, but it’s not happening. He’d just as soon eat a Jeep… and buy a Rush coloring book.

Do swastika painters understand what they’re doing? Does it matter if they do? When is Jewish food actually Jewish food? Can Rosen eat any of it? What skin, if any, do Jews have in the Notre Dame game? More to the point:

Is letting Omar Barghouti into the U.S. good for the Jews?

One issue here is whether barring Barghouti is a free speech issue or a terrorism issue; per Goldberner, (who makes it very clear that he finds Omar the worst kind of distasteful) it’s the former. If you ban the founder of BDS, where do you stop? But if you let him in, how is that good for the Jews?

Nice pull, E.