Episode #185: Draymond good, Waters, Luther, bad.

Would you feel comfortable driving your neighbor’s car? Rosen does not, which is only one of a litany of gripes, fears and anxieties he brings into the Twilight Lounge this week. Fortunately, Goldbrener is waiting with some real-life advice and tales of eating salami and bread until he runs out of one ingredient.

Meanwhile, in Jewish news, pre-Industrial Age relic Roger Waters is at it again, and a recent letter unearthed from religious icon Martin Luther confirms that he didn’t like Jews. But wait, say historian apologists: you can’t hold him to 21st-century standards! But why is it always Jews? Why was Rosen ineligible for dating Campus Crusade girls? What does 16th-century anti-semitism have in common (and not in common) with 21st-century anti–semitism? Can Jews truly assimilate? Should they?

Lets shift gears to something we can all agree on:

Is Draymond Green good for the Jews?

Oh yeah.

Not your car!


Episode #184: Quotas, Mormons, greedy landlords guy

Rosen is back from what he considered a sub-par road trip (too little time, too many missed opportunities), which the boys use as a jumping off point to explore the nature of Texas, the Navajo term for white people, retiring on a boat, why Rosen thinks all San Franciscans should be forced to take road trips and finding paradise in Laughlin, Nevada.

Onto Jewish news: is hotshot pol Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responsible for the “greedy Jewish landlords” guy? How can you tell the purpose of rabbinical students roaming Montana from that of Mormon missionaries? What did Rosen’s dad see when he got home from work? And finally…

Is rolling back race-based college admission preferences good for the Jews?

Jews are historically on the losing end of higher education quotas, but do they have any skin in this particular game? Listen in as two ambivalent Jews offer their takes.

Not missed.


Episode #183: Odds, ends and aggressive homeless guys

This week, the boys spend almost the entire hour discussing various local, national and global topics, never really getting around to asking if something (is) Good for the Jews. No matter,  for this week listeners will learn how to discern between a dangerously crazy person and a “normal” San Franciscan (hint: one of them is naked; they will learn about Goldbrener’s consistent values system, a new Jewish rapper and the Jewish catcher who spied for the U.S. during World War II. They will glean which country Jews should back in the World Cup, despite Rosen’s distaste over the entire exercise and which country’s young Jews are pushing back against University anti-semitism (hint: it’s not the U.S.).

What? You still want a question? Fine. Here:

Is inviting singles to Israel all at once good for the Jews?

There you go. Enjoy.

This is a Jewish rapper.