Episode #201: AirBnB feels the heat; Rosen feels the pretzels

This week, the boys convene during a ferocious storm (by California standards) to discuss the following topics: Rosen’s pretzel addiction and generally incomprehensible diet restrictions, whether Goldbrener could weigh 600 lbs., why Nina Burleigh feels talking about Chabad is the “third rail” of American journalism, Black Cube, why Goldbrener feels Jews should attend USF’s Middle Eastern Studies lecture series, how the boys may never find common ground regarding the Women’s March and finally…

Is making AirBnB “feel the heat” good for the Jews?

When Florida Governor Ron Di Santis recently vowed to make AirBnB “feel the heat” using his state’s new anti-BDS law, was he acting in the best interests of his constituents? Was he acting on his conscience? Or was he pandering? And do we — the Jews, for we are the Jews — need this?


Now available in boxes.


Episode #200: Jew-hating, woke-washing, LeBron’s Jewish money

As we ease into the new year, technology hates Rosen — but that’s nothing new. Jenna Jameson, passionate Jew, has left Twitter due to all of the anti-semitism, Omri Casspi is picking fights with his teammates. LeBron James is interested in getting that Jewish money, and Goldbrener isn’t entirely convinced he should apologize.  Or that the NFL isn’t a non-profit. And should a Jew-hating osteopath continue remain a doctor?

Meanwhile, in tolerant San Francisco, Manny Yuketiel is asking…

Is a Jew opening a progressive cafe/events space in The Mission good for the Jews?”

Apparently not, as the owner of Manny’s in San Francisco’s Mission District has learned. Despite making every effort to fit into the ethos of today’s hyper-vigilant Mission, Yuketiel nevertheless finds his business targeted weekly by sign-toting, window-smashing, slogan-chanting, Kristallnacht-method-adopting thugs.

Manny’s crime? Guess.

Don’t trust it.


Episode #199: Jewish superheroes, screw you, Alice

Why did Rosen skip the Grotto holiday party? How did his dad cut his chin? Where are the finest woolens made?

Yes, it’s time to head back into the Twilight Lounge, where the boys await with hot takes to rival anything found on sports or news radio. This week: a warning about “Families Together,” a celebration of Edelman’s shoes, something that was missing from Jewish Heritage Night at Oracle Arena, Jews’ alleged role in Tupac’s demise and why your hosts will not be re-reading The Color Purple anytime soon.

Somehow extricating themselves from this morass (after a brief but intense moment when Rosen wishes his co-host knew who Lenny Dykstra was), we settle into this week’s question:

Is a Jewish Spiderman good for the Jews?”

There’s always been a Jewish undertone to superheroes (many created by Jews), but when Spiderman’s wedding photo shows him stepping on a glass and The Thing reveals the details of his bar mitzvah we enter a new world.  What’s the significance of The Thing, Spidey, DC comics’ Ragman (“A little too on the nose,” – Rosen), Magneto, Batwoman and (arguably) Wonder Woman being out and proud Jews?  Come for the superheroes; stay for the Jeff Goldblum teaser.

“This torah is nails.”