Episode #206: Rosen can’t eat; Jewbilee

Having worked out their scheduling conflicts, the boys return to the Twilight Lounge to answer the pressing questions of the day, namely: Is there anything left in the world Rosen is allowed to eat? Is red wine masculine? How close did Kimel’s kid’s basketball team get to the state title? Are there any blankets besides Pendletons? Why is the Pope opening the secret Vatican archives?

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Bay Area offers lots of offbeat Purim celebrations, all of which make Rosen uncomfortable, and two young professionals have raised the question:

Is an unaffiliated Jewish meet-up series good for the Jews?

Goldbrener scoffs at this idea. Any time you get Jews together, it’s good for the Jews. Rosen, playing devil’s (rabbi’s?) advocate, wonders if some temples might wonder if Jewbilee is funneling potential congregants away from the shul and out to the bars.

Not actual bread.


Episode #205: Bibi in trouble; electric cars

Rosen makes the argument that electric cars might force us to slow down — which might be a good thing. Goldbrener bats it back in his face, but his co-host rebounds to sing the ambivalent joys of gluten-free dining and over-react to a recent shooting(!) in Goldbrener’s neighborhood. Meanwhile, good news: Israel is going to the moon, Israelis are winning Oscars and Kimel’s son is playing for the state championship! And then:

Are Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest machinations good for the Jews?

Word on the street is that Bibi is working with a pair of nasty far-right racist groups to solidify his power base. But is this true? Does a barrage of negative press make it so? Goldbrener breaks it all down (along quick history lessons about Meir Kahane and the Jewish diaspora from Middle Eastern countries) and lets you draw your own conclusions.

Rosen’s future car?


Episode #204: How do you solve a problem like Ilhan?

The boys return after a break to talk about guitar nerds and the burden of Rosen’s bottomless body of knowledge, before diving deeply into questions of the Manly Arts and the proper response to a guy harassing his girlfriend at the airport. After Goldbrener reveals his failsafe approach to not getting beat up, they move onto the week’s main event, asking:

Does Ilhan Omar know she’s an anti-semite?

Unfortunately, they never arrive at an answer, instead sidetracking to debate the appropriate response to her unrepentant anti-semitism. Is this something Jew should hammer away at, or should we say our piece and let the at-best Jew-disliking elected member of the U.S Congress go on her merry way?

1966 Rickenbacker 330/12: Rosen’s dream guitar (that he cannot tune).