Episode #157: National Front vs. Alt-Right

The smoke has cleared everywhere but in the Twilight Lounge this week, as the boys heat up a cool 53-degree night when Rosen’s seemingly innocuous question about the National Front explodes into a fiery debate about the role and power of the alt-right in present-day America. Fear not, though, fans of a lighter (Is it) Good for the Jews? It takes a half-hour of discussions about brazen junkies, Joe’s of Westlake, Paul Kantner sightings and David Brenner (plus your weekly Omri Casspi update) to get to this point, plus a pointed question:

Is an off-duty female IDF soldier with ninja moves good for the Jews?

It’s not much, but it’s all we’ve got. Off-duty Isreali soldier Nomi Golan took it to a mob of protesting ultra-Orthodox Jews the other day, unveiling a series of kicks and karate chops at a horrified group of black-clad protesters.

Omri in happier times.

Episode #156: Fire! and fire Harvey Weinstein!

The air is thick everywhere but in the Twilight Lounge as the boys convene to discuss the important topics of the day — sidewalk chalk guy, stealing engines from VW vans, San Francisco’s House of Prime Rib, Larry David, Goldbrener’s origin story, the weekly Omri Casspi status check and, of course, fires in Northern California.

Can we ignore the elephant in the room? Or rather, the elephant-sized pariah in the room? No. And so we ask:

How bad is Harvey Weinstein for the Jews?

Goldbrener’s point: do bad acts erase prior good acts? Rosen’s point: Weinstein is a distasteful guy who’s been dogged by rumors for decades; how did this go on for this long without anyone saying anything? Is there a level of hypocrisy here, and is this all about Harvey Weinstein? Should we boycott “Good Will Hunting?” What’s the difference between Disney and the porn industry? Why does Rosen drag Kris Kristofferson into this? One thing we can all agree on: Harvey Weinstein is a shanda for the goyim.


Episode #155: Guns, Palestinians, Tom Petty.

Despite Rosen’s best efforts at avoidance, this week the boys wade into the dominant news stories of the day, resulting in a half-hour about gun control. Would a constitutional amendment banning all private ownership of firearms cause a civil war? Should all Jews be armed? How many guns does one need to own an “arsenal?”

Eventually, Rosen pulls the show out of this track, just in time to focus on another topic in Goldbrener’s wheelhouse:

Would a unified Palestinian authority be good for the Jews?

One of your hosts knows a ton about the Middle East and has plenty to say about this, about Israeli-Palestinian (and Fatah-Hamas) relations, about the Israeli government and about the potential results of a unified Palestine. The other host just wants everyone to stop yelling.