Episode #196: Three Jews talk about music

Ease into a relaxed Twilight Lounge this week, where you will find Rosen and Goldbrener joined by author and speaker (and Jew) Kevin Smokler, a guest with gravitas enough to convince the boys to ditch their entire format in service of a single question:

“Is hip-hop good for the Jews?”

Of course it is, which leaves plenty of time for the boys (+1) to indulge themselves in a far-ranging conversation about music, the role of Jews behind and in front of the mic, seeking out new cultures versus being timid and scared,  well-rested high school nerds and how white and middle-aged one has to be to attend a Guided by Voices show.

Kevin Smokler: always welcome in the Twilight Lounge.


Episode #195: Are we being played?

Despite a light-hearted start to this week’s Twilight Lounge sit-down, things quickly turn contentious when Rosen aims his sights at newly-elected anti-semitic members of congress and  frequent target Linda Sarsour. Should Jews turn away from the Women’s March because of its leadership?

Seems like a simple question… but no! Goldbrener has a unique and opposed P.O.V.! Tune in as your favorite pseudo-athletic men go around and around, trying to find the answer to this unanswerable dilemma.

To rent or not to rent: no easy answer


Episode #194: Pittsburgh

This week we learn that the boys of (Is it) Good for the Jews? are not immune to the weight of the world, so rather than bring you business as usual in the Twilight Lounge, Rosen and Goldbrener invite you to spend the hour breaking down the recent events in Pittsburgh — not so much the tragedy itself but more the world’s response.

Should we pray for Pittsburgh? Is anti-Semitism “just another example” of a world gone mad? Do threats come from the left and the right? … and what is Goldbrener’s solution?

Nothing about this is good for the Jews.

One light moment: the most San Francisco backpack ever.